[April 2019 Video] Avoiding litigation: Spotting issues and resolving conflict | Alice Shikina and Patricia De Fonte

About the Event
“Avoiding litigation in family disputes: Spotting issues and resolving conflict through counsel and mediation” presented by Patricia Defonte and Alice Shikina.

Patricia De Fonte is an estate planning attorney. In my relationship-based approach, I work together with clients to create a plan based on values and tailored to protect assets and loved ones. Spotting risk, which often presents itself through negative family dynamics, is a big part of her process. Alice Shikina is a mediator. She does landlord/tenant cases, family disputes, and probate cases. She specializes in cases where the emotionally charged component is preventing the parties from settling. She volunteer mediates for the Department of Police Accountability in SF, the Hayward day-of-court program and for California Lawyers for the Arts. She is an alternate member of the Barristers Executive Committee for the Alameda County Bar Association.

The key learning points are:

  • How to get clients to talk about family problems.
  • Coaching clients on speaking with parents about difficult family members.
  • Providing support and referrals to assist clients in dealing with risky or difficult family situations or members.
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