[December 2018 Video] Avoiding the Marital Doghouse | Mark Perlmutter

About the Event
“Avoiding the marital doghouse: counsel from an old law dog who now practices couples therapy” presented by Mark Perlmutter.

A former 30- year-plus Texas Trial Lawyer, “superlawyer” and “legal innovator,” Mark Perlmutter, MA, JD, now helps individuals and couples to have a more satisfying business and intimate relationships. He also mediates, and is an Adjunct Professor of Law at UC Hastings and the University of Texas School of Law where he teaches “Powerful Communication From the Inside Out.”He practices as a relationship coach with Managing Human Differences (Managingdifferences.net) helping businesses manage workplace conflict, has counseled law students at Golden Gate University and serves as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist focusing on couples therapy and public speaking anxiety.

The key learning points are:

    • Learn how to write an owner manual for working on your partner
    • Learn how to avoid those pesky repetitive fights that seem to be out of control and take on a life of their own
    • Learn how to take charge of marital conflict and restore the connection with your partner
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