[November 2018 Video] Selling Grandma’s House | Craig Ackerman

About the Event
“Selling Grandma’s House” presented by Craig Ackerman.

Craig grew up in New Jersey where he learned to renovate homes, manage tenants and sell residential buildings with his father. Living for 10 years in Singapore and Shanghai, China, on assignment in the commercial real estate industry, Craig returned to the US and established Ackerman Realty Group in 2003.

Craig wrote “Selling Grandma’s House” and frequently presents to Legal and Financial Consultants about how best to advise their aging clients.

Craig has closed over 400 sales and ranks in the top 1% of all Bay Area Realtors.

The key learning points are:

  • How to get significantly higher prices – always
  • Keys to a seller-centric system that breeds buyer exuberance
  • The highest paying home preparation steps
  • Marketing “Must Dos” that cost the seller nothing
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