[September 2019 Video] Cooperative Business Division in a Marital Dissolution | Katie Burke

About the Event
Cooperative Business Division in a Marital Dissolution talk presented by Katie Burke.

Katie Burke has practiced family law in San Francisco for fourteen years. A champion for children and families, she has represented children in their parents’ custody and visitation disputes, and she has volunteered in domestic violence prevention throughout her career. Katie has practiced in large and small family law firms, as well as in solo practice. Katie handles all aspects of child custody and visitation; marital and registered domestic partnership dissolution, including complex financial dissolution; pre- and post-marital agreements; and cohabitation agreements. She represents parties seeking domestic violence restraining orders, and those seeking guardianship of a minor in probate court. Katie also handles family law appeals.

The key learning points are:

  • Learn about the accounting methods business valuations use to appraise community property businesses.
  • Learn California’s case precedent about how/whether to assign value to one party’s business goodwill.
  • Learn how accountants assign value to and divide the accounts receivable, work in progress, and work completed but not yet billed.
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