[4/23/20 Zoom Meeting] Adapting Your Practice During Covid-19

“Adapting Your Practice During Covid-19” was presented by Leo Manzione

Every moment counts. The impact of an attorney’s time during a crisis is magnified. Potential clients need them more than ever and in unexpected ways. Their business model is tested and often made impractical or even impossible. Their day to day can suddenly change as old routines, tools, and support become obsolete. The cost of inaction and maladaptation grows daily. You are needed. Let’s get you everything you need.

A framework with which you can…

  • Put the finger on the pulse of your practice
  • Diagnose where your time is best spent
  • Learn 5 adaptive strategies you can apply right away

Resources to:

  • Better work from home,
  • Get support from other attorneys
  • Start/continue networking from home

Two proven methods, with worksheets, to systematically…

  • List and acknowledge how your practice can pivot/adapt
  • Fix key processes broken by current limitations

Leo Manzione helps small businesses using a methodology he’s constantly refined since 1997 to create 8-figures in growth. He’s a business coach and partner at Run Right Consulting which he’s helped establish as the top rated business coaching firm in the Bay Area. His approach focuses upon a business’ five key components: Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery, and Finance as well as hundreds of proven methods that save people from trial and error as they build their businesses. He’s recently launched a YouTube page where he’s sharing all he can to help businesses grow. Read more here: https://leomanzione.com/about/

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