Attorney Action Club: Alcoholism, Addiction, Mental Health and Stress in the Era of COVID-19


Alcoholism, Addiction, Mental Health and Stress in the Era of COVID-19 webinar was presented by Gary Gwilliam

Drinking for stress has always been a major problem for our profession.

The stress, anxiety and real concern we all feel at this time of the Covid 19 pandemic only adds to the problem.I have been speaking to lawyers on this topic for many years. One of my talks is entitled “Am I Drinking Too Much is a Rhetorical Question.” In this time of sheltered in and law offices only operating remotely, it’s time to address this issue with both old and new ways to avoid old excesses and find new ways to navigate these troubled waters.

This webinar will count for one hour of MCLE Competence Issues sub-credit.

BIO: Gary Gwilliam

Gary Gwilliam is considered one of the best consumer trial attorneys in the state. His reputation and skill in representing seriously injured plaintiffs is well known. He has tried over 180 jury cases, of which almost 150 were plaintiff civil personal injury cases. He has handled major cases in every area of consumer law, including serious automobile and construction accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, bad faith insurance, civil rights (including police misconduct), wrongful termination and employment discrimination and harassment, and has recently concentrated more in employment law.

A noted lecturer and motivational speaker, he has conducted seminars and workshops around California and the United States for many years. He is the author of numerous articles on California consumer law and is frequently called upon to serve as an expert witness on the standard of care for lawyers’ conduct. He frequently lectures on the topics of substance abuse, stress reduction, improving the quality of life as well as topics related to his practice.

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