[9/3/20 Zoom Meeting] Deposition Practice: Tips and tricks to help you win your client’s case

The “Deposition Practice: Tips and tricks to help you win your client’s case” talk was presented by Marc R. Stimpert.

Taking or defending a deposition can be one of the most important yet stressful experiences for any litigation attorney. An artfully extracted admission here or a carelessly answered question there can make or break a case. In this presentation, Marc will provide tips and tricks which can help new attorneys and seasoned veterans alike in taking or defending a deposition.

Topics will include:

  • Deposition timing and strategy
  • How to deal with difficult deponents and their attorneys
  • How to prepare your client for the worst while hoping for the best, and
  • How to leverage your deposition transcript to achieve a favorable outcome for your client.


Marc R. Stimpert, Esq.
Lunski & Stimpert, LLP

Marc Stimpert has 22 years of litigation and trial experience. Marc is licensed to practice law in California and Colorado, and in thirteen federal courts. Marc has litigated a total of twelve published cases, including a case before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Marc’s litigation experience includes a wide variety of commercial and business disputes, real estate disputes, torts, family law matters, administrative disputes, environmental and regulatory disputes, and appellate work. Marc also holds a master of science degree, and has been published in both legal and scientific journals. Marc’s practice includes helping other attorneys with difficult cases that go to trial.

While Marc has litigated cases throughout the country, he has not forgotten the value of fairness and hard work. Marc is passionate about protecting the rights of his clients. Marc is a tough, competent litigator, who strives to help his clients experience peace of mind and satisfaction in their cause.

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