Estate Planning Decisions Come From The Heart

I was recently asked to “submit my elevator pitch” in writing for a networking group. This is what I usually say when I introduce myself to a group of professionals:

My name is Patricia De Fonte. No one ever wants to start working with me.

It is not easy to tell a stranger about strained family relationships, share the state of your finances or contemplate your death or the death or your spouse. Estate planning is always about who you love, who you trust and who is counting on you.

I work with young families to create personalized estate plans and help them develop a team of insurance and finance professionals they count on for many years to come. I want my clients to have confidence in their estate plan and peace of mind.

Estate planning is not only what many people think it is. Of course we will review assets and discuss insurance and tax. But the most important decisions clients make are made with the heart.

• Who will the children live with if the worst happens? Do they have to live with elderly parents or with family members with emotional or substance abuse problems?

• How would a surviving spouse maintain the family’s standard of living should the breadwinner become unable to work or pass away?

• What are the special consideration for single parents, for unmarried couples with children, for “non-traditional” families of all types?

Everyone already has a plan, provided by the state of California. This plan does take into account your dreams and goals for your children, your health issues, or your problematic brother-in-law. A terrific estate planning attorney will ask you the right questions to help you create a personalized plan that addresses the risks your family might be facing and that will work for you and your family.

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