Families Belong Together

The core of my business is working with parents to protect their children.

Some of my clients are wealthy and want to ensure that their children are not “spoiled” by an inheritance at any age. Some of my clients live month to month and the only asset is a life insurance policy meant to cover heath insurance and assist with school tuition. All of my clients who are parents want the same thing – they want their goals for their children to be realized if they are no longer living.

I have worked with all types of families – single parents, adoptive parents, divorcing parents, polyamorous families with many parents and children– and the goals are always the same: to be there for their children today and to take steps to take care of their children in an unthinkable tomorrow.

The work I do is a privilege. I carry the stories, the fears and the hopes of my clients with me every day.

Families belong together. There are so many things in this life that we cannot control – accidents, illness, death. To watch the current administration tear families apart breaks my heart, and I am in awe of the attorneys and activists on the front lines of this catastrophe.

This month, a percentage of my fees will be donated to help those organizations fighting for the rights of families separated at the border. I have identified organizations through which donations can be made. If you work with a non-profit that shares this mission to keep families together, please let me know.

Warmest Regards,

Patricia De Fonte

Principal, De Fonte Law PC

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