[March 2020 Video] Trademarks: What to Know and How to Look at Them | Eric D. Morton

“Trademarks: What to Know and How to Look at Them” presented by Eric D. Morton.

About the Event
“Trademarks: What to Know and How to Look at Them” talk presented by Eric D. Morton.

Eric Morton’s law practice is dedicated to helping businesses succeed. He has enabled hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. His firm, Clear Sky Law Group, uses technology and a flexible practice model for affiliated attorneys to deliver client-centered legal services.
Eric handles trademarks, licensing, commercial contracts, shareholder agreements, civil litigation, probate, and estate planning. Clear Sky has offices in Carlsbad, California, and Oakland.

As an adjunct professor at California Western School of Law in San Diego, Eric was the supervisory attorney for the school’s Trademark Clinic where he also taught trademark law.

The key learning points are:

  • Understand how to determine if something is a trademark
  • Learn what is really important about trademarks
  • From what perspective to view a trademark
  • The significance of trademark registrations
  • What makes a strong trademark
  • What weakens a trademark


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