One Client’s Story

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”  –Fitzhugh Dodson

Mary walks her dog in her neighborhood along the same route she walks every day, when a driver fails to stop at the stop sign. The driver doesn’t see Mary. At the last part of a second, Mary sees her brave doggy directly in the driver’s path. Mary bends over, hurls her best friend out of the way and receives the blow. The driver slams into Mary, who flies over the hood of the car into the windshield. Inches from his own, the man stares in distress at Mary’s face. Mary doesn’t stare back because Mary appears lifeless. After the crowd leaves, a confusing ambulance trip and final release from the hospital, Mary—assisted by her father, a tax attorney—spends hour after hour calling her medical providers over the next few months. Worried about the case, which interrupts her health care, Mary and her father negotiate with the driver’s insurance company. The insurance company is unsympathetic. The insurance company’s only need is to save money. The insurance company’s offer saddens Mary. Mary’s father refers her case and Goodrow Law takes over. Mary with confidence—and new-found relief—completes her health care and receives a payment more than triple the amount the insurance company offered. Doggy and Mary are healthy and happy despite the frightful event. 

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