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The Attorney Action Club is a network of San Francisco Bay Area lawyers who host bi-monthly topical discussions on Zoom about attorney work life balance and law practice management.

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Welcome to the Attorney Action Club Website. We aim to help you further the goals of the AAC by building your Legal Networking, Work Life Balance, and Free Continuing Legal Education.

This site allows you to publish your professional profile, link to your website and socials, articles and post to the Attorney Action Club blog. The site also contains our upcoming schedule of speakers, allows you to RSVP for our programs, and allows each of us to easily find the contact information for people we have met at the meetings.

This is another tool we can all use to get to know each other. Learning about each of our areas of expertise is the magic of the Attorney Action Club. When legal professionals in diverse practice areas get to know, like and trust each other, referrals are exchanged.

Our site improves our bi-monthly forum considerably, allowing each of us to showcase our talents and stay in contact with each other outside of the monthly meetings.

Features of the site:


An SEO optimized platform to promote your business


Connect with Attorney Action Club members you have met at meetings


Showcase your business within our SEO optimized wordpress platform by posting and promoting your articles and blogs;


Review our schedule of upcoming speakers;


RSVP for MCLE presentations, hosted on Zoom the first and third Thursday of each month (3:00 pm - 4:30 pm)




The AAC has been a wonderful part of my professional life - I have met people who have enriched my practice and honestly, its just great being in a room with HAPPY lawyers. So rare. I know I have been MIA lately, I read Attorney eMyth and took a deep dive into the business of my business, but I am not BACK to networking and learning, so I am excited for the upcoming speakers at AAC.

Warm regards to you all!



Zoom Events for 2021

By paralegal | February 3, 2021

[1/21/21 Zoom Meeting] Proposition 19: Winners & Potential Losers after February 15, 2021

By paralegal | January 21, 2021

Proposition 19: Winners & Potential Losers after February 15, 2021 Speaker: Loren M. Lopin, Attorney At Law, Trusts & Estates […]

[12/17/20 Zoom Meeting] Essential Roadmap to Divorce

By paralegal | December 18, 2020

Essential Roadmap to Divorce Speakers: Amanda Keith, Home Equity Retirement Specialist Patricia De Fonte, Estate Planning Attorney @pdefonte Alice Shikina, […]


We host Zoom meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month from 3:00pm - 4:30pm. These meetings are free and will qualify for 1.0 hour MCLE credit unless otherwise stated. To see the list of upcoming meetings and register for the events, please see our Calendar page.