People Creating Families Through IVF Need Specialized Estate Planning

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Over a million babies have been born in the United States thanks to assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Some studies show that two percent of all births in the US are the result of IVF. Until recently, I did not know any of this. I had the good fortune to connect with a local family law attorney who specializes in helping people navigate the legal aspects of a “non-traditional” birth, whether by donated genetic materials, frozen genetic materials and/or surrogacy.

If you and I have worked on your estate plan together, and we did not discuss ART, please email me and we will schedule time together to determine whether this issue needs to be addressed in your estate plan.

Insurance Tip

Do you have umbrella insurance? And if you do, do you know why you have it and why the amount of insurance is so important? Umbrella insurance is an excellent tool for mitigating risk. If you are found liable in a serious auto accident with severe medical injury, it is unlikely that your auto policy will be adequate. Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage, in the millions of dollars, to protect your home, your wages, and your liquid assets. If you are “DIY’ing” your insurance, please stop. It is critical to work with a knowledgeable agent or broker who can help you determine how much insurance you need to mitigate your risk and protect you and your family.  

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