Women Lose Out in Real Estate Transactions

I learned about a study (https://paulgp.github.io/papers/Gender_Gap_in_Housing_Returns_20191016.pdf) that tells us that women are paying more for real estate, and making less on this important investment when they sell. The researchers considered socio-economic, race and other factors, and again and again, found that women are losing out in real estate transactions.

I work with a lot of single women. It is imperative that they have a robust estate plan, consider insurance options that men may not consider, perhaps include caregiver expenses as part of their saving plan, and work with other professionals who are aware of and proactive about the additional hurdles single women (and indeed all women) face in the workplace, in their families, and in our society.

Recently, I received a magazine from Wealth Counsel (my drafting software provider) wholly dedicated to the special issues facing women who work in estate planning and their female clients, both married and unmarried. This is an older article that is accessible to the public, also from Wealth Counsel.

If you would like to have a conversation about how we as service professionals can best counsel and support our female clients in the areas of estate planning, real estate, finance, insurance and more, please do write to me.

Published in AAC