[4/16/20 Zoom Meeting] Yikes! They’re searching you and your client’s computer

“Yikes! They’re searching you and your client’s computer” talk was presented by David Michael Bigeleisen

David discussed:

  • Computer searches
  • Cell phone searches
  • GPS tracking
  • Sting rays
  • Border Searches
  • Cloud computers
  • The Latest Technical Frontier.

David Michael Bigeleisen

David Michael Bigeleisen is a leading criminal defense lawyer. He has been saving people since 1975. Every client is special. He treats each client as if he or she is the only client he has. He truly cares about his clients. Whether the case is a white collar case, a sex case or a misdemeanor, his diligent, polished approach is directed to one thing, and one thing only – the very best result for each client.





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