[6/18/20 Zoom Meeting] Of Course, You’re Stressed and Anxious Right Now!


Of Course, You’re Stressed and Anxious Right Now!

presented by Stacey Dana

Learn How to Manage Stress and Anxiety from a Former Lawyer/Current Psychotherapist

Stacey Dana will talk about:

  • Understand more about stress and anxiety and how they affect physical and mental well-being (particularly in these very challenging times)
  • Learn when “healthy” stress and anxiety become problematic
  • Learn how to identify early signs of stress and anxiety so they do not spiral out of control
  • Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety more effectively


Ms. Dana is a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with adults, couples, families, and children of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and class backgrounds on a variety of mental health issues. Ms. Dana currently sees adults in her private practice and focuses much of her work on helping attorneys address their stress, anxiety, depression, and other challenges that affect their personal and professional well-being.

She also provides counseling services to attorneys through the California State Bar’s Lawyer Assistance Program. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Ms. Dana spent more than two decades working as an attorney specializing in litigation at firms in New York City and San Francisco.

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